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Accounting Reporting Compliance

Trust Experienced Partners with Your Compliance Risks

You depend on expert accounting, financial reporting, compliance, and strategic business services to avoid risk. ARC Strategic Services delivers the expertise you need.

The Future of Compliance:
Increasing Exposure, Escalating Costs

As the CFO or Compliance Officer, you shoulder heavy responsibilities that may include both civil and criminal repercussions for failure. That’s not all. Statutory insurance reporting also impacts your daily operations and the bottom line.

The Challenges of Staying Compliant

  • Increasing costs
  • Committing excessive time
  • Lack of sophisticated compliance and accounting experience
  • Tracking regulations and compliance requirements as they evolve

Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting – and Worrying

You’re already facing resource constraints. That’s where ARC comes in with our insurance Accounting, Reporting, and Compliance experts. You’re covered.

ARC Accounting Reporting Compliance Services

  • Preparing and/or reviewing NAIC statutory filings
  • Creating adjusting journal entries
  • Providing quarterly and annual financial regulatory reporting
  • Providing monthly, quarterly, and annual management analysis reporting
  • Accounting for investments
  • Reconciling for reinsurance
  • Preparing premium taxes
  • Identifying and preparing State Supplemental Financial filings
  • Documenting critical business processes
  • Offering recommendations of improvement
  • Validating data
  • Assisting with on-demand phone questions regarding accounting, compliance, and reporting
  • Supporting management, as needed

ARC High-Expertise Strategic Services

Tier 1
  • Supporting board meetings as needed
  • Engaging and providing information to DOI financial and compliance requests
  • Handling audit and examination (financial and market conduct) process and questions
  • Analyzing investment risk, Other-than-temporary Impairment, and related reporting
  • Reporting for GAAP
  • Accounting system review recommendation, and transformation
  • Training and transitioning staff
Tier 2
  • Documenting, reviewing, and monitoring for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Capital planning and forecasting
  • Planning for Succession
  • Working with DOIs for new line of business or entries into new states
  • Providing Controller / CFO services

Is This Part of Your Typical Week?

From board reporting and assessing cyber resilience to leading cultural change and more, when do you have time to merge strategy and regulatory compliance?

Learn how ARC can handle some of Your responsibilities.

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